Design, Development or Conversion

Microsoft Office Software


Do you need a PowerPoint developed for your next presentation? Or just some minor enhancements. We can create an effective presentation for you.

If your PowerPoint presentation needs to go online, we can also provide an accessible web powerpoint.


Having trouble with styling or setting up your documents? We can help in formatting and setting of files to ensure they present your content professionally.


Need data placed into Excel from hard copy content?

We can do this for you. Data entry is time consuming, work on other things while we add the data to your Excel sheet, then you can spend time on formatting/formulations rather than data entry.


Development of Flash presentations, banners, animations, video. We can develop your flash content and ensure you have the code to add it to your web site, so it meets with W3C guidelines for accessibility.

Voice Recording

We will create the voice recordings of content for your next presentation or web delivery.


Is your content accessible? Are you providing alternative content that your users need for access online?

We will complete a review of your web site content and advise on the alternative formats you should be supplying.

No job too small, from a single file conversion to the conversion of audio content to text.

Give your users the experience they want from your web presence.